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Jeez! it's the last day of the first month of a new year. Not quite sure how this happened so quickly but it almost passed me by. I did plan to blog more in 2013 as I slackened off a bit towards the end of 2012. I promised myself I would make at least one entry per month, so with only a few hours to spare in January 2013 I will just about make the deadline. Future posts will, at the very least, contain some of my favourite images from the month.

I am still obsessive about iPhoneography and continue to shoot most of my work using the phone. It's nearly a year now since I took the decision to start using the smartphone as a camera and it has definitely helped me to increase my creative output. The plan is keep shooting this way and eventually publish a book containing the results.

Most of the work is shot using the application Hipstamatic. Readers of my blog posts will know that my lens of choice is Loftus and preferred film, DC. The three images here have all been shot over the last month using this combination.

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