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Haven't blogged for a while, so long overdue an entry. Life's been getting in the way a bit too much during the past two months and my creative juices have been stifled somewhat. 
During the summer months I like to shoot as much macro photography as possible. Sadly I haven't been able to do this as much in 2012.

Landscape workshops, poor weather and the move away from one of my favourite photography haunts (the Wyre forest) has seen my macro productivity suffer. I have managed a few gems this year though. The images contained in this post were all taken in France, during a week long break. 

All the work was shot using my Canon DSLR, a 180mm telephoto macro (one of my favourite lenses of all time, ever) and my trusty Gitzo tripod complete with a Wimberly sidekick for added sturdiness and flexibility. Although the 180mm macro is quite an old lens now and slow to (auto) focus, it consistently produces pin-sharp images and accurate colour rendition - all these images have had very little post production in photoshop.

I hope to add to my macro portfolio during August and September if the weather improves and I have a couple of free day's. In the meantime I am continuing to run landscape photography workshops on a one-to-one basis which are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Peak District, Derbyshire. 

My next blog post will contain a selection of landscape images taken by my clients from these recent workshops. If you are interested in attending one of my workshop courses, then please contact me for availabilty on 07429 906922 or drop me an email.

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